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Looking to renew Amazon Prime? Here’s the #1 thing that you absolutely MUST know first.

Now, if you’re like me, you probably go on Amazon and assume that all the prices must be the lowest in the market. Or, if you’re like a bunch of my friends, you probably go on Amazon, search for your product, and then head to 10 other different sites to find the lowest price. 

 Capital One Shopping automatically checks other sellers for a better price, including sales tax and shipping. A notification will pop up in seconds if a better offer is found.


Regardless, there’s one thing every single one of us has in common – we all love a good deal.

Now, what if… you could compare prices of products across sites, with just one press of a button?

How much do you think you would save annually?

Probably a lot. In fact, probably so much that Amazon is now shaking in their boots, anticipating what I’m about to show you. (And hoping that I won’t spill the beans.)


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You might as well be throwing money away if you’re not using Capital One Shopping. Price comparisons. Coupons. Credits. This Chrome extension knows almost every trick in the frugal bible and will automatically try them for you (and the 1,500,000+ people currently using it).

All you have to do is add the extension to your browser – whether that’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Just add it to your browser, and it’ll get to work for you!

It’s like having a personalized shopper to find all the best deals for you.
Here’s how it works: If a better offer is found for the product you’re looking at on your screen, you’ll receive a pop-up notification that shows you the better offer (including tax and shipping fees) AND compares both of them for you. And, if there are coupon codes available, it’ll apply the best one to your shopping cart instantly.

And the best part is… it’s totally FREE! There’s no catch, just great deals and great savings for you.

Ready to join the millions of customers who saved more than $160 million in 2021?

6,000,000+ users, Chrome Web Store

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